Nouvel effet mecanique decouvert

Decouvreur: Veljko Milkovic
Nom: Two-stage Mechanical oscillator
Effet observe: 
Amplifier of mechanical   energy

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Opinion scientifiques: Opininion du Dr Peter Lindemann (2006, en anglais)
Rapport : Rapport de recherche pdf (2005, en anglais)
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The inertial engine operates thanks to the centrifugal force which affects the mass center of the wheel during forced oscillation around the determined balanced position. Therefore it also affects the base. The work of this force of privileged direction does not affect the oscillation of the wheel, so its operation in the reference system in which the wheel oscillates is equal to zero. However, the same force affects the reference body of the system in which the wheel oscillates, that is the base. In this way, the wheel together with the base accelerates in reference to an imagined inertial system of reference. In relation to the Earth the direction of this acceleration can either be horizontal or vertical. In case it is horizontal the engine can be used in ground transportation. In case it is vertical, it is an anti-gravitational engine. In fact the inertial engine accelerates in relation to any point in the Universe, in other words it can operate even in the conditions of zero gravity. This means that this engine can move an aircraft in a desired direction without using reactive fuel. The perpetuum mobile and the inertial engine do not use external sources of energy except at the moment of starting its operation. This significantly changes the situation concerning power supply and environment protection in relation to the currently known one.”

Correspondance entre CERNTEA et Monsieur Veljko Milkovic
le 7 mai 2007

CERNTEA est heureux de ce nouveau partenariat avec un grand inventeur et decouvreur d'un effet physique majeur.
La promotion de sa decouverte et de ses travaux sur le sujet doit etre massive pour le grand public.


De: "Veljko Milkovic" <>
À: "pascal cerntea" <>
Objet: Re: Authorization
Date: Mon, 7 May 2007 00:22:46 +0200

Dear friends,

thank you for your e-mail and interest.

I am glad that you found my research and that you like it and that you wish to post about it on your own site. Thank you very much for it.

If I understood well you are asking me for permission to post links about my discovery? Am I right?

If I am, you have my permission and you can freely take any material & links from my web-site and post on yours.

There is also a Google video link for the video presentation you posted on your site

I don't know if you watch our new video presentation



Here is also better link for Dr Peter Lindemann's opinion

If you wish you can freely experiment with my invention. Everyone can research and experiment and we can exchange the research results. I am open for every cooperation.

You can choose by yourself how you can help and do the best to this
research. You can work and improve experimentally and theoretically. The
goal is to be got the ecological energy source and to keep environment...

You can appeal, according to your possibilities, to all interested people,
institutions, universities, media in order more people to be informed about this because
that is the only way this can success...

One more time thank you for your letter and wish to write about my invention and promote it.

I will be glad to cooperate with your association.

Best regards.

Veljko Milkovic


La dualité de l'espace-temps
Pierre Poubeau
La crise actuelle de la physique, contradiction relativité restreinte et expériences des photons jumeaux, le problème de la propagation du champ magnétique en mouvement.
Cela à pour conséquence: Le phénomène supposé de propagation des champs n'existe pas, les interactions de couplages sont instantanées.